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Questions on Analysis Lamps
What is a woods lamp?
A woods lamp is an analytical tool which uses UV (ultraviolet) light to examine a person's skin. The therapist looks for fluorescence and depending on the colour can identify specific conditions of the skin.
How do you use this unit?
Your client should be in a darkened room and should always look away from the lamp. Hold the lamp about 10cm from the area being inspected.
Under inspection through the woods lamp skin conditions show up as different colours.
In general, what do these colours mean?
Blue/White = Normal healthy skin
Brown = Sun damage, pigmentation and dark spots
Pink/Orange = Oily skin
Red = Inflamed skin or areas of malnutrition
Violet = Dehydrated skin
White Spots = dead cells
Yellow = Acne
What is the meaning of DIOPTRE?
This refers to the magnification supported by the lens.
For example a rating of 3 = magnify by 1.75 times, 5 = magnify by 2.25 times and 8 = magnify by 3.0 times. Magnification to a higher level is not uasable for lenses of this size.
Cleaning instructions
The cleaning of the lens should be done using a non abrasive cloth, with a mild soap and water solution.
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