Magnifying analysis lamp
for professionals

Woods Lamps

Ref code:- CAPH011

Product details: Budget analysis lamp with black hood and 1.75 times magnifying lens (3 dioptre). It consists of 4 x 4 watt UV bulbs and has a 2.2 metre electric cable. This hand held model weighs just over 1 kg. 240 volts.
A no frills unit that would suit beauty salons, veterinary clinics as well as serving as a good training aid.

Price: $135.00  BUY


Ref code:- CAPM007

Product details: Standard woods light with blackout hood. 3 dioptre (1.75 times) magnifying lens. 4 x 4 watt UV bulbs. 2.2 metre electric cable. This hand held unit weighs just over 1 kg. 240 volts.

Price: $155.00 
This wood light is currently out of stock.


Ref code:- CAPK001

Product details: Professional unit with blackout hood, 2.25 times magnifying lens (5 dioptre), 4 x 4 watt UV bulbs, 2.5 metre electric cable, weighs approximately 1.5 kg and runs on 240 volts.
This is a high quality lamp suitable for medical clinics, beauty salons and wherever a high level of clarity is sought.
Price: $390.00    BUY


Ref code:- CAPK010

Product details: Skin analysis lamp. Weighs only 6.5 kg. 240 volts. 6 lamps and an adjustable client mirror.
Price: $599.00    BUY

Spare parts

4 watt UV bulb
Ref code:- CAPC030A
Black UV light bulb - 4 watt(F4T5 BLB).
Price: $10.00 BUY

Set of 4 x 4 watt UV bulbs
Ref code:- CAPC030B
Bulk bundle of 4 x 4 watt black light UV bulbs.
Price: $30.00 BUY

Blackout hood
Ref code:- CAPH011C
Replacement blackout hood.
Price: $6.75 BUY
Plastic bulb cover
Ref code:- CAPH011D
Replacement plastic bulb cover - suits CAPH011 unit only.
Price: $10.00 BUY
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